Case study


Award-winning technology company Valuechain located to The Innovation Centre at Sci-Tech Daresbury in 2016. Specialising in providing smart software solutions to manufacturers, the company has offices based across the UK, China and India.

Valuechain’s innovative technology digitalises manufacturing processes and supply chains to improve productivity, streamline collaboration and generate intelligence. The company has worked with the likes of luxury car manufacturer Bentley and international aeronautics company Airbus.

Relocation to Sci-Tech Daresbury

Its relocation to Sci-Tech Daresbury has meant the company is surrounded by other like-minded businesses which facilitates collaboration and further innovate solutions tailored to new markets.

Valuechain has been able to partner with the Virtual Engineering Centre (VEC) on the campus which comprises a multi-disciplinary team of specialists in engineering, computer science, visualisation and manufacturing technology.

The business seeks to offer something different from its competitors by providing smart software solutions that will improve the supply chain as a whole, driving productivity in companies at all tiers– not just targeting the people at the very top.

A high quality setting

Valuechain’s leadership team has more than 100 years’ experience running advanced manufacturing businesses, which helps the company to develop bespoke solutions for its clients.

Tom Dawes, Valuechain’s chief executive, said: “With the VEC we collaboratively developed a solution for Bentley, which would streamline the company’s data capture process. Together, we were able to understand their process, and provide innovative data capture software, resulting in a 48 per cent reduction in time to capture, identify and resolve issues in the product lifecycle.

“Working with the VEC we could then then take this one step further and turn this initial concept design into a virtual reality (VR), combining this with our data capture solution. It was this joint initial proposition that helped access Bentley as a potential client, all through being based here at Sci-Tech Daresbury.

“The Innovation Centre perfectly suits our needs as a growing company. It’s a high quality setting for events and networking opportunities and we’re looking forward to the future and working closely with the team at Sci-Tech Daresbury.”