June 22, 2021

Today’s school kids might do tech jobs that haven’t been invented yet

If you think back to 2006, which isn’t that long ago, tech jobs that are commonplace now simply didn’t exist.

Today’s school kids might do tech jobs that haven’t been invented yet

Examples include anything to do with blockchain, mobile app development, cloud computing technician, AI programmer, and data scientist. And there are lots more you can add to the list. Some people doing these jobs today will still have been at school in 2006, and none of these jobs will have been discussed with anyone on careers day, as they hadn’t been invented yet.

So, with this in mind, what tech jobs might today’s school kids be doing in the near future that haven’t been invented yet?

Climate change will become even more important

Tech will continue to help humanity fight climate change. Jobs designing and developing tech with anything to do with this will become increasingly more important, as will jobs more broadly related to it, such as rocket design architect and spacecraft pilots if we have to eventually leave Earth, as Elon Musk believes will be the case.

Health tech will be big business

The Coronavirus pandemic has shown the world the importance of tech. Science has led the fight with rapid development of vaccines, and mobile apps have played their part with track and trace and in many other ways. Lessons will have been learned for the future that can be applied to all areas health that tech companies will want to take to the next level.

AI and machine learning will grow

This is an area that’s grown at a huge rate in the last decade. It’s in our homes, workplaces, and even the vehicles we drive. And as it continues to grow, tech jobs involved in this field will evolve and develop as the demand from consumers for AI to make our lives easier fuels progress. Maybe someone sitting in a classroom today will one day invent a device or piece of AI that everyone will have in their home, like the mobile phones we all rely on today.

Electric vehicles will soon be the norm

With petrol and diesel car sales set to cease in the UK by 2030, manufacturers will be clamouring to provide drivers with the best-value, most-reliable electric vehicles possible before that date. They’ll be looking for school and university leavers with valuable skills in this area to come and work for them. Alternative fuel sources, such as hydrogen, will also be developed in the future too, so this is another area where school children could have a job that doesn’t yet exist.

Cars that can drive themselves have also started to appear on our roads and it’s not a stretch to suggest their numbers will only increase. Companies like Amazon and those with large supply chains will be interested in autonomous vehicles too, to speed up their delivery process. These will need engineers to design and develop them, as well as the associated tech and machines needed to build them.

Tech skills will continue to be highly sought after

Whatever the world looks like in the near future, there’s absolutely no doubt tech skills will continue to be as in-demand as they are now. Mobile apps, AI, coding, programming, and engineering are vital skills tomorrow’s employers will be looking for in today’s schoolchildren.

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