September 7, 2022

The future is now

Well established business SpaceSpecialists Ltd find their new home at Sci-Tech Daresbury

Space Specialists

Exploring life on Mars… establishing space stations on the Moon… no, it’s not a plot from Star Trek. It’s real and it’s happening now! Taking off from Sci-Tech Daresbury this September is the future of the space industry, SpaceSpecialists Ltd.

well established business

Offering a global consultancy, training and recruitment service to the space industry, SpaceSpecialists Ltd are already well established in Australia with an office in Adelaide. SpaceSpecialists Ltd have been looking for the perfect destination for our next space hub in the UK for a while but with very particular and exacting requirements, it was a tough brief to fulfil. We wanted somewhere that shared our vision for the future. Somewhere at the cutting edge of technology. Somewhere that harnessed and nurtured science and technology for the future. So when we discovered Sci-Tech Daresbury we knew that we’d found our new home.

Join us every wednesday

SpaceSpecialists Ltd will be holding Space Connections every Wednesday at Sci-Tech Daresbury’s Innovation Centre atrium where the team will be available to chat to individuals and businesses on how they can harness and access the downstream space sector to create links, applications, and capabilities to innovate and grow their own business.

The future is Space Specialists.

Watch this space for exciting news of launch events, consultancy services and training and recruitment info. The future is now. The future is Space Specialists. Go to for more info…

Fastest growing sector on earth

Ray Stott Co-Founder SpaceSpecialists Ltd said:

We are very excited to have landed at Sci-tech Daresbury for our UK office. We are looking forward to engaging with companies, industries, universities and individuals in the North West and the rest of the UK to promote and integrate businesses with the fastest growing sector on earth, the downstream space sector.