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If you’re a high-tech company looking for a serviced labs and offices in the UK, a great option to consider would be the innovative facilities at Sci-Tech Daresbury. Established back in 2006, the campus has gone from strength to strength over the past ten years as it takes its place as an internationally recognised science and innovation campus.

The campus has enjoyed further development and expansion, not only through its international recognition and range of significant research on-site, as well as the introduction of its on-site open innovation model, with a great deal of success. For any company in need of a quality serviced labs and offices, there are few better settings than this community of like-minded high-tech companies, inspired by a setting that matches their innovation and creativity.

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    Available Lab and Office Space

    With just over 1,200 people working on-site currently, around 500 of them being scientists of various fields and disciplines, it’s a popular and respected setting to take a serviced labs and/or offices. This is further evidenced by the 100 high-tech national and international companies who have chosen Sci-Tech’s facilities to play home to their cutting-edge work.

    The selection of spaces that can be rented across the five multi-occupied buildings are vast and varied, able to fit a range of unique work needs. The available options include serviced offices, lab spaces and workshops, with options for rent or one-off bookings for conferences. As well as the highly creative architecture at play, the buildings also offer top quality reception and catering features, providing an excellent work setting for companies looking to accelerate the growth of their business.

    There is a diverse selection of rentable spaces, varying from one building of primarily lab space, to another with entire-floor offices, to the 50 different small offices intended for one or two workers. We appreciate that any high-tech company worldwide will have slightly differing requirements depending on their work and stage of development, so the site is designed with the capability to grow and develop along with you, providing the ideal long-term surroundings.


    Sci-Tech’s National Science and Innovation campus is located in Cheshire, between Runcorn and Warrington; a short distance from Manchester Airport and Liverpool. Locals may already know this, but Daresbury itself is an attractive setting, with picturesque landscapes and stylish housing.

    Sci Tech offers a stunning setting, high-tech resources, in addition to being able to work in the vicinity of similarly innovative companies, providing networking or even collaborative working possibilities.

    We’re confident that the Sci-Tech facility is the best option of its kind in the UK, perfectly suited for ambitious and innovative national and global companies in need of serviced labs and/or offices. We’d love to talk in more detail if you think Sci-Tech might be the right fit for you, and you’re welcome to visit if you want to see your potential new location up close. Contact us by email on or give us a phone call on 01925 595 327 today.

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