The Wellbeing Doctors


  • Biomedical and Healthcare

About The Wellbeing Doctors

The Wellbeing Doctors, workplace health and wellbeing programmes for healthier, energised and more productive employees

We are a team of practising doctors, health coaches and specialists that combine our multifaceted skills to help improve the lifestyles and effectiveness of working life.

What we do:

  • Improving health; Using the latest techniques in health behaviour change, our doctors, specialising in Lifestyle Medicine, coach employees from point A (current health) to point B (healthier, more energised and productive).
  • Report and strategise; Diving deep into your workplace as a whole, we understand the needs of your working environment and provide specific recommendations to better your employee’s health and the productivity of your business.
  • Improvement and maintenance; We follow up weekly and monthly based on the activities of your business to ensure that your business is successful on its journey to healthier and more effective operations.