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About Blinx Solutions Ltd

Blinx is a real-time digital business application

Designed to help companies manage processes and drive continuous improvements through a Supply Chain Intelligence platform that integrates an organisation’s systems and provides global-to-granular advanced analytical insight. With its cutting-edge, gamified UX and ability to integrate with everything from large-scale systems to spreadsheets, Blinx is transforming the way businesses manage their processes and use data.

Blinx offers the following products:

  • ERP Lite: The first right-sized ERP for businesses, ERP Lite integrates and standardises enterprise systems onto a unified platform, providing a complete end-to-end view of any supply chain with executive, shop floor and predictive insights.
  • Modules: For businesses that need a piece of the puzzle, any ERP Lite module can be seamlessly integrated into a company’s systems landscape.
  • Business Intelligence: We integrate systems together, giving real-time insight with predictive intelligence, machine learning and advanced analytics to provide key information needed to improve operations.