Integral Health Solutions


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About Integral Health Solutions

Our core purpose is simple – to partner with you to improve the NHS; transforming health, improving care and ensuring value; so patients get a better deal.

We provide a holistic end-to-end service focused around patient needs. We place huge emphasis on implementing and embedding the changes required to improve services for patients.

Transforming Care – We focus on working with you to Rebalance the Healthcare System by integrating care around the needs of individuals and communities. We underpin this by applying a range of innovative tools and techniques including Acuity Management and iRIS-ACGs (Johns Hopkins Adjusted Clinical Groups® System).

Quality and Value – We offer a complete solution to improve the quality and productivity of health and social care across your local community. We provide expert support for commissioning and contracting (including Specialised Services), financial strategy, planning, costing and pricing.

Sustainable Improvement – We build capacity and capability within your organisation to deliver lasting benefit. We concentrate not only on implementing action but also on promoting the behaviour and culture of improvement required to embed change and achieve transformation.

Effective Decision Making – We work with you to create a vision for ‘excellence in business intelligence’ by demonstrating the capabilities, informatics, tools and techniques which will help you achieve the business needs of your organisation. We underpin this with rigorous economic and financial support and a robust programme for delivery.